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Our Food Bank develops the Nutrition Education Program (PEN) "Knowledge that Feeds".


We started the activity in 2007 promoting educational activities in nutrition at the headquarters of social organizations with a pilot in a social organization where 3 PEN workshops were offered to 15 mothers.

Today, with the objective of promoting social development by educating about good food practices, we carry out workshops with themes related to: healthy eating, hygienic handling of food, rich and nutritious cooking, also holding demonstration workshops.

At present, 239 workshops have been developed, reaching 1,057 trained people.


Healthy nutrition

  • We improve eating habits from the training of the network of social organizations.

  • We encourage the varied consumption of fruits and vegetables in the daily menu.

  • We promote the consumption of milk in different food preparations.

  • We promote daily water consumption according to the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for the Argentine Population.


Hygienic handling of food

  • We promote good hygienic food handling practices.

  • We reflect on the impact of hygienic food handling on health.


Rich and nutritious cuisine

  • We learn to incorporate the foods recommended by the Argentine Food Guides.

  • We encourage the consumption of healthy foods in different preparations.

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