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We invite you to be part of the improvement and well-being of your community, contributing to our Bank having its new home. We need you as a builder ally.


With your solidarity contribution you can deduct the income tax from the tax base.

  • Making a donation for the purchase of necessary materials in the various stages of the work.


  • Donating materials, services, supplies and/or furniture for the New Headquarters.


  • Donating a percentage of the sale of the products or services that your company sells during an established period of time or until the completion of the work.


  • Transforming your company into a channel through which customers can collaborate directly with the construction of the Headquarters by making a percentage of a purchase or rounding up their change.


  • Channeling the solidarity of your employees with continuous contributions together with the contribution of your company, transforming this action into a joint effort.


  • Participating as a sponsor in the events that the Bank proposes to raise funds for the new Headquarters during the years that the construction project lasts.



Through your participation you are adhering to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) proposed by the United Nations Organization, mainly.

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