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2021, a year full of challenges that began to crystallize some limits that Covid-19 forced us to draw. A year of consequences that required us to redouble our efforts to continue with our mission to contribute to reducing hunger. we tell you.

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Soup kitchens, picnic areas, kindergartens, educational care centers, parishes and homes, among others, are the social organizations that work tirelessly with us to assist and accompany thousands of people in Mendoza who do not have a guaranteed plate of food.

Every day, the people who represent these organizations are the ones who educate, cook, serve, accompany and put their hearts unconditionally at the service of those who need it most.

2021 was a year in which we were able to meet again and share the consequences of the past, but also the renewed commitment to not stop fighting.


Food rescue represents actions, values and conscience.

When a donor decides to donate food, they are not only collaborating to reduce hunger, but they are also valuing all the natural, technical and human resources that were used to produce them.

When poverty strikes and food insecurity threatens the future, actions, values and responsibility take on more importance than ever.


We know that it is essential to address the food emergency, but we are also aware that it is not the solution. In the interaction with social organizations, we observe that scenarios of hunger and malnutrition are frequent, with families that do not manage to cover the amount of food necessary according to their age, health conditions, and occupation.

"Saberes que Alimentan" is our education program aimed at leaving capacities installed in people, addressing different topics that go through healthy eating, from hygiene habits to the links that are generated around the act of eating together.


Volunteers give meaning to everything Banco de Alimentos Mendoza does. They decide to manifest their humanity in the actions we propose and become a fundamental part of our operations. This is how they left their mark in 2021.


And sometimes the daily effort becomes numbers. 

Being able to rescue foods of high nutritional value is one of our most important objectives and in this 2021 the rescue of FRUVER (fruits and vegetables) was a record in the history of our Bank.

And without the commitment of companies and individuals who make their transport available, the rescue and distribution of more than 895,000 kg of food would not have been possible.


In this 2022 we want you to be part of one of the biggest challenges in the history of Banco de Alimentos Mendoza. This year we started building our own house.


To those who decide to look at the other and work for the right to food.

To those who join the work of the communities by granting donations, resources, services, inputs or financing projects aimed at improving people's quality of life.

Thank you for joining us for another year on our mission to reduce hunger in Mendoza.

 Through our institutional folder we tell you a summary of who we are and what we do.

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